Welcome back, rose lovers! Season 23 of The Bachelor is underway with a familiar face to Bachelor Nation. After being sent home late into Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette and leaving abruptly during Bachelor In Paradise, Colton Underwood is back, better than ever and ready to find love. The 26-year-old former NFL player holds a trifecta of qualities that make him the ideal Bachelor mold — the handsome looks, sensitive side and love for charity. But unlike other Bachelors’ of the past, Underwood really has something to lose: his virginity. The V-Card status will certainly be the topic of discussion throughout the season. Here’s how his first night went on The Bachelor

The “live viewing” Parties

ABC seems to keeps Bachelor Nation on its toes by dramatizing the premieres more and more with each coming season. Chris Harrison kicks the show off from the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles in a crowd of screaming women — desperate to see the new array of beautiful contestants who will fight for Colton’s heart. 

Didn’t have the patience to sit through the hours of pre-taped footage? Throughout the evening, the event showcased several “live viewing” parties across the country, thirty love-hungry women, a sloth, a Chris Harrison montage and TWO proposals.  

The Virgin Jokes

Each Bachelor always comes suited with his defining quality. The lineage has come a long way with Juan Pablo (Season 18), the first Latino contestant, Jason Mesnick (Season 13), a reality TV celebrity, Arie Luyendyk Jr. (Season 22), a racecar driver, and now Colton, the...virgin? 

Although Underwood states he is “just waiting for the right person,” that does not stop a majority of the women from probing questions right out of the gate. Entrances included the popping of a red balloon, pulling a “V” out of a deck of playing cards and countless other jokes regarding the elephant in the room. 

If producers cut every comment regarding Colton’s virginity, the three-hour special probably would have lasted as long as he can. Jokes aside, it was overkill. 

Most Memorable Entrances

One of the most thrilling parts of The Bachelor is watching the thirty entrances of nervous women trying to leave their lasting impressions, in hopes of a receiving a rose later in the night. 

Some were endearing such as Cassie and her metaphorical box of butterflies, to Erin and her role play of Cinderella. Others were eccentric, from Tracy arriving in a police car to Catherine gifting her dog. 

The Sloth That Moved Too Slow

One of the more quirky entrances was Alex, who arrived in a sloth costume. 

Her opening line, “I heard you like to take things slowly,” was so prolonged, the show had to take a commercial break mid-sentence.  

The gesture seemed too slow for Colton, as he later sends her home rose-less.

The “Australian” Accent? 

Some women will stretch far truths in hopes of standing out. Bri dazzled Underwood with an Australian accent — even though she’s not Australian!  “You gotta do what you gotta do to stand out,” she quickly confessed in her interview. 

Although the accent may not be authentic, it proved to be effective with Colton entranced by her false aura. Her entrance even went viral on social media days before the show aired.

First Impression Rose 

Although drama was already beginning to circulate the mansion, there was one women who immediately caught Colton’s eye: Hannah G. The 23-year-old is a self-proclaimed content creator/blogger who quickly charmed the Bachelor with her vibrant energy that “reminded him of home.” Her familiarity and vulnerability won her the First Impression Rose at the end of the night.

The Fourth Times A Charm

It would not be a normal season of The Bachelor without the infamous villain who terrorizes and sometimes jeopardizes relationships for other contestants. 

This season, we already have an early contender. 

Catherine was deemed “one to watch” by host Chris Harrison on Facebook Live. The contestant strikes uncanny resemblance to Krystal, the villain of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season. Although she has only been introduced briefly, her villainous traits are apparent...that she is only there for Colton and not to make friends. 

Catherine also quickly broke a record for “can I steal you for a sec” moments with four times while at the cocktail party. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.